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Participants in the COVID-19 Study are asked to take a picture of their throat, so we recommend accessing the study from your smartphone.
To join the study from your smartphone scan the QR Code with your camera, otherwise simply press the PARTICIPATE button below to continue...

Scan this QR Code with your Smartphone Camera

Join the COVID-19 Study

Light AI is conducting a public study on the effects of COVID-19
We are looking for volunteers of all ages, to provide a photo of their throat (inside the mouth) to help us better understand the impact of this virus

Step 1

Click the button to participate.

Step 2

Complete the survey and upload a photo.

Step 3

Share the link with friends and family!

What to expect from the study

Participation is anonymous

Light AI will not ask for any information that may be used to identify or contact you.

Basic information and an image of your throat

When you volunteer to participate in this COVID-19 Study, Light AI will ask about the following:

  • COVID-19 symptoms you may have experienced
  • If you’ve been close to others with COVID-19 symptoms
  • If you have been tested for COVID-19, and the test result
  • If you have any underlying health conditions diagnosed by a doctor
  • Provide one photo of the inside of your mouth (including your uvula and tonsils) taken with a smartphone camera

General demographic information

To help us with the analysis of your photo, we also ask a few general demographic questions:

    • Give us a rough idea of where you are on earth

    • Indicate your ethnic / cultural background

    • Your biological sex (Male or Female)

    • The general age group you are in

    We know, taking a selfie of your throat is most likely new to you and feels a bit strange at first!

    We do not need a picture of your face, so you remain completely anonymous. We are looking for a clear view of the back of the throat where we can see both tonsils, the uvula and the tongue.

    Join the COVID-19 Study



    No, all participants in the Light AI COVID-19 Study are anonymous. We are not collecting any information that could be used to identify you. For more information, please refer to our full Privacy Policy and Terms of Use


    Everyone. We are looking for a broad cross-section of participants, from all age groups, genders and ethnic backgrounds.


    Not at all. We are simply looking for a photo of the back of your throat, inside your mouth. You use your own SmartPhone Camera — there is no need to poke, prod, wipe, or touch any part of your mouth.


    Not very long. Most people are able to complete the survey and take a picture of the inside of their mouth in a few minutes.

    Tips on how to best capture a throat image

    Grab a partner!

    Have someone in your bubble take the photo for you, and return the favour for them.

    Use a mirror!

    No one around to help take a photo? No worries! Stand in front of a mirror while taking a photo to get a better view.

    Practice makes perfect!

    Like most photos, it may take more than one click to get the perfect image. Our survey allows you to keep trying until you’re happy, or upload a picture from your photo library.

    Follow us and join our research journey!

    Copyright © 2020, Light AI Inc. All rights reserved.

    Follow us and join our research journey!

    Copyright © 2020, Light AI Inc. All rights reserved.